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5 autumn decorating ideas

Fall is my favourite time of the year. As stockings are getting thicker and we start layering our clothing I wonder: how could I improve my autumn home decor game. I think about colours right away: adding orange, brown and silver cushions to my sofa, taking out my favourite, hand knitted large blanket and making pumpkin pie spice in the kitchen to flavour pies, cookies, cakes and hot drinks – hello homemade pumpkin spice latte!

Over the years I have collected a few things I like to have at hand during the chilly fall months so here is a list of 5 of my all-time favourite fall room decor ideas.

Turning a birdcage into an autumn centrepiece or wall decor

Nothing is as satisfying as repurposing. I have a beautiful wire birdcage decorating my hallway that I use all year around. I like to dress it up according to the seasons and it is quite fun to watch as it evolves from coastal summer decor to a pumpkin filled, pinecone-y autumn lantern.

The recipe is really simple: go for a walk in the nearby park or forest and watch your feet. Pick up anything and everything that catches your eye – a nice pinecone, some walnuts, hazelnuts, acorn; colourful leaves, pebbles, literally anything that you would like to use in your birdcage wall decor. Once you are back at home, start with the empty birdcage and let your imagination go wild. You can also use small decorative pumpkin to fill up your birdcage for easy autumn home décor.



Decorate your fall wedding with a rustic lantern or lantern centrepiece

Planning an autumn wedding? As days are getting shorter and the sun sets early, consider adding as much light to your wedding as possible. Candles, lanterns, tealights – you name it. Bring your guests the balmy mood by creating candle lantern centrepieces and adding flowers to it. Our favourite fall flowers: dahlia, cockscomb, gerbera daisy and hydrangea.


DIY fall pickling jar lantern

The recipe is very easy: pickling jar + baby’s breath + large candle = chic fall room décor.

Choose a clear pickling jar,  as the best base for a lantern. Add some small branches of Baby’s Breath flowers to the bottom of the jar and simply arrange a nice, thick candle to nest within these branches. And voila, your super easy and highly decorative lantern is born. To transform this to an autumn lantern, simply add a beige or orange candle and some natural dried acorn.


Decorate your small porch the right way

Decorating small spaces, small rooms or tiny gardens is always on top of my list. Living in London has not made my home décor efforts easy at all so I had to learn how to play smart, how not to buy everything online and in home décor stores, purely because I have no space to store things like, at all. None.

So when it comes to actually buying something, it has to be versatile and must work for its money. To me, buying a wrought iron lantern proved to be a great investment. My tiny porch will be forever thankful, not to mention to compliments I get from friends when they visit me. It transforms just as easily as the bird cage seen above, form quirky summer décor to welcoming autumn porch lantern to Christmas outdoor decoration, filled with ball ornaments – more on this later! Simply add a crate or two and use a neglected corner to decorate vertically.


Make your house smell like fall

Not strictly a home décor idea, but I always thought a nice fragrance affects my mood tremendously.  You don’t have to spend fortunes on expensive candles, diffusers and essential oils, just follow these easy steps, pick a pot and simmer away!

  1.       Fill your pot with hot water
  2.       Add: handful of cinnamon sticks, orange rind, 2 tablespoons whole cloves, 4 bay leaves
  3.       Bring the water to boil and let the mixture sit in your kitchen


You can use this blend again the following day but dispose it after you have used it twice. The ingredients are very budget friendly and preparing this should take no longer than 5 minutes either.

Fragrances are believed to have a powerful effect on energy levels and moods and the sense of smell hooks straight into emotions, triggers immediate reactions so surrounding yourself with this autumn scent will affect your mood just as positively as the above mentioned fall room décor ideas.


What are your favourite fall decorations and autumn decorating trends? I would love to hear about it, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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