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How colours help us in our daily life?

How colours help us in our daily life?

Wherever we are, wherever we go there are colours around us. From the colour of the sky and clouds, colours of houses, cars, trees, and flowers through colours of our own clothes, jewellery, hair, to colours of our home: walls, curtains, furniture, china, tablecloth, dining ware…. examples are endless. Colours are everywhere we look. In most cases it does matter what sort of colours are around us.


When I realised the importance of colours I went online to do a little research on colours and their effects. Actually I have found it very interesting and I must say that a whole new world opened up for me by reading about colours. Because I want to use colours in my everyday life to improve my and my family’s well-being I’ve been focusing on colours and their effects on human.


Researches show that colours affect our behaviour and the way we feel. Basically when we see a colour, a certain part of our brain – that rules our hormones and endocrine system- fires up and regulates our mood.  Here we are then. Colours can help us if we would like to relax, to soothe pain, or to focus on our studies or work. They can be uplifting and energising.


Let’s see some of the colours and their effects!

Pink soothes, rather than stimulates. In fact: research shows it can reduce anger. A nurturing colour with a childlike appeal.

Red represents physical courage, strength, warmth, energy and excitement. Red draws your attention because in your perception red is the most vibrant of all the colours. It raises our blood pressure, stimulates appetite and tends to make us lose track of time. Pure red is powerful.

Orange is warm, passionate, sensual and fun. The brighter shades are cheerful and tend to stimulate appetite. Orange creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.


Yellow is the colour of optimism, confidence, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness and creativity. It tends to make people feel happy and energetic.

Green is at the centre of the spectrum and so represents harmony, balance and peace. It soothes and relaxes and it is a healing and reassuring colour. Olive and sage greens have neutral, timeless character.

Blue is the colour of intelligence, clear thoughts, mental focus. It improves productivity. Certain shades of blue can relax, sooth and make us feel calm. Anything that is larger than your perception tend to be blue, because blue is the basis of all-inclusiveness.

Purple is the colour of royalty. It is often associated with mystery and spiritual awareness, vision, luxury, truth and quality. Excessive use can create an introverted aura.

Grey can enhance creativity. As a neutral colour, it provides a stylish background for all sorts of colour combinations and furnishings in all kind of looks.

White represents hygiene and cleanliness. Other traits include purity, simplicity, sophistication and efficiency.

Brown is associated with seriousness, warmth, nature, reliability and support. It is a soothing, comfortable colour. Brown work well with spicy and warm colours.

Black can be timeless and glamorous. It is also the colour of emotional safety, efficiency, excellence. Black creates protective barriers as it totally absorbs all the other colours of the spectrum. Combine it with white or bright colour for a modern look.


I came to a conclusion that it is so rewarding to know more about colours, as they can support us in our daily life. Not only thinking about large surfaces like walls, curtains and furniture but it also matters how your tableware looks like when you have your breakfast. With smart changes in your surroundings you can make such a big difference in your everyday life!

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