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Decorate your home – dressing up your house

Turns out that planning a nice, unified look isn’t so easy at all? We’re with you there.

Especially when you try to decorate on a shoestring. Or when you’re a minimalist. Or if your philosophy evolves around ‘less is more’.

Not to worry at all, because I’ve done the research for you and I came up with 5 ideas to make sure you don’t get carried away with all the beautiful and expensive (yikes!) home decor options out there

Settle for a colour scheme

That’s right. This is the cornerstone of every stylish home, every beautiful living rooms, every calling bedroom. That you start by figuring out the colours you would like to use. When you choose your colour scheme from the largest pattern in the space, you can’t possibly go wrong. Do you have a large grey rug? Go with greys, whites and blacks for a scandi look.

Take the same palette but add a touch of colour by using something that pops up: magenta, yellow, grass green – just to name a few. Start with the formal areas of your home, specifically the living room, dining room and entry way.



Find out your house’s ‘decor points’

There is a spot in every house that sets the tone for everything else. A nice and tidy corner or an always messy dining room table, it can be anything but when you enter the room, it simply catches your attention. Make sure you dress this up first. Is this your sofa in your living room? Add blankets, new pillow covers, a pretty side table. Or your entry way console table? Decorate with a large vase, some candles or tea light holders. You have a rather dark entry way? Add a tiny little evergreen and some fairy lights.



Go with simplicity

As they say, a little goes a long way. If you stay within your chosen colour scheme or theme – red & white, neutral, textures, evergreen, metallic – it shouldn’t take too long before you start seeing a difference. When you add nice little touches to your living space and most importantly, you keep it clean and tidy, it will soon be obvious. At the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it is nice to have a Pinterest-worthy home or a space you feel like sharing with friends and followers.

Not to mention if you keep it simple, it is much easier to store these home accessories once the festive season is over and you won’t feel like changing the whole thing all up again come next year.


Get crafty, prop up some art

Make your own soap – use  Shea Butter Soap Base to make personalised presents or sell your soap online



Make all-purpose displays

I’ve already mentioned this in my Autumn Decorating Ideas post, but building an all-purpose home decor base is very important if you are decorating on a budget. Once you bought one of these, this is the most versatile thing ever. It goes well with pinecones and autumn leaves, bottled sand and seashells but a nice bouquet of spring hydrangea looks great with it as well.


Do you have any tips when it comes to upcycled decorations? Share wit us in the comments below!

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