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6 things you will find in a cottage – and your home can have it too!

Here are a few of our favourite things we think no true cottage style home should miss.


Wicker baskets & straw hats nicely presented

Have you moved in recently? Still figuring out what to do with that huge, plain white wall in the sitting room? Add a few nails and decorate with your favourite summer pieces. That pretty bag you never want to use because you got it on the beach a few summers ago and just too precious to ruin. The straw hat you never seem to use because you always find the perfect excuse: too hot, too windy, too chilly. Display them nicely and let these pretty, fragile pieces work their magic.

Unique glassware

Are you looking at updating the look of your dining room on a shoestring? Never happen to have just enough vases or drinking glasses? We don’t blame your as we are also serious ‘glassbreakers’. All we are saying is that when you decorate your kitchen with boring glassware, the results will be, well… boring.

Have a look at this masterpiece for example? What not to love! A glass bottle that looks like a plastic bottle, doesn’t just serve as a great alternative for pitchers, but are also extremely decorative.

Time to rethink serving wine, apple juice or tap water the same old, boring way. Invest in some quirky glassware. Trust us, you will not regret it.



Textured rugs

Following the footsteps of the previously discussed shoestring decorating tricks, this one is a no-brainer. Rugs have the simplest functions: they give warmth and cosyness to a room. Textured rugs on the other hand, give warmth and cosyness and a SERIOUS cool factor to your room.

Without them, even the most beautiful hardwood floors look lost like a puppies during their first ever walks in the park.


Feminine fabrics

Ruffles are a girls’ best friends. Oh wait, that’s not how the saying goes. Well anyhow, tell me they are not! Ruffles, tulle, and pastel fabrics can help you reach that shabby chic feeling you have been trying so hard to recreate. Once you made your other half install the open shelving – see below- you can start by displaying your dinnerware and continue by adding girly fabrics. Just make sure they compliment each other. It is just like dressing up in the morning. Am I wearing my gold watch? Fine, let’s add some golden earrings. The rules apply here: is my kitchen rug a nice, salmony patterned one? Fine, let’s add some blush pink glasses and a colourful roller blind to go.


Single pendant lights

The good old “one big chandelier in the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling” kind of lighting has just terribly gone our of style. We only wish it never came back.

But anyhow, opt for a more design-driven look and add single pendant lights to your living room & dining room. Use one of those trendy light bulbs and bring a little old school style to your home.


 Open shelves


When we think of cottage style, this is the first picture that actually pops into our head.

White furniture, wood flooring, mint ceramics, metro tiles and a nice farmhouse kitchen sink. And fresh flowers of course, preferably hydrangeas or peonies. Don’t be afraid to display the pretty dinner plates and teacups in your home. They deserve the full-on representation.

This practice will also make any room feel more spacious, thanks to the optical effect this wallet friendly storage options has to offer.


 Can you think of anything more cottage-y? Tell us in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

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