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8 ways to elevate your home

For most of us, summer break is a great time to relax and enjoy some well deserved family time, or even go on that long-awaited vacation. For others, it’s the perfect season to try something new. But it could also be a time where you fall off the vagon a bit with your routines. Is […]

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The Big Spring Clean Checklist

This time every year, we suddenly feel the urge to scrub, wash, declutter, organise and get rid of the messiness that was 2020, and all that last year brought to our homes. No doubt, we’ve all spent lots of time – probably the most time ever – at home. Our spaces became multi-functional: kitchens turned […]


Mother’s Day Gift Edit

With Mother’s Day fast approaching – we know you knew that, but it’s on Sunday 14th March this year, it tends to creep up on you, doesn’t it? – now is the prefect time to think about presents for her if that is something you would like to do this year. We thought we’d deliver […]

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Two wick hand poured candle in a bowl

Pouring your own large candle is great fun and will help you through the dark and gloomy days of February. The ingredient list is very simple, again – we are not big fans of overcomplicating things here at City to Cottage. Plus, it burns beautifully and a bonus of having a large bowl once the […]

Home decor

Winter Reed Diffuser DIY

A super simple diffuser idea you can make and can easily make it seasonal, too. It’s also a very sustainable way of adding scent to your home or space as the jar we will use is our Milk Jug, which looks absolutely adorable as a decoration also, and the reed stick you will add is […]

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How to choose tableware – a guide

Buying new tableware, especially if that is a whole new dinnerware set is no small task. When it comes to choosing new tableware for your home, you will want to consider a few things that will guide you to go with the best option for your lifestyle, home and personality. At City to Cottage, we […]