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Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day

As things are still not 100% back to normal, it is possible that we are looking at another Mother’s Day spent actually, well, apart. If you’re near your dearest Mama on this special day, you most certainly can count yourself lucky. But if you haven’t seen her for the longest time or prefer to keep your distance just a tiny bit longer, here are some tips on how to celebrate without cliche presents (looking at you, Moonpig postcards…)

1. Watch a movie together

Plus points for one featuring mother-daughter dynamics! You can mail or door deliver a basket with fluffy socks, biscuits, a glass of wine, and a card letting her know the time to tune in on the fun. Call her and spend some time together over the phone – even if that means just sitting there, knowing you are both watching exactly the same thing.

2. Throw a tea party

If you can, and the weather permits, you can go for an outdoor tea party with a proper cake stand and a teapot while you watch the trees and flowers blooming. Whip up some fancy finger sandwiches, bring along some prosecco for a mimosa and enjoy each others company outdoors.

3. Absorb the culture together

On the Royal Academy of Arts’ Youtube page you can watch all sorts of fascinating videos together – hop on a Zoom call and show her Picasso creating one of his masterpieces, or tour Monet’s garden together. And while you’re there, go ‘travelling’ together – pick a place anywhere on Earth and literally hundreds of videos will pop up of people showing you what to do there, eat there, visit there.

4. Time travel together

Grab the family albums and if it isn’t a tradition already, make it one: print out pictures of your experiences and share it with your mother. Grandparents always love looking at these mementos that keep time in place for a moment, so a photo album makes the perfect present. You may come across people, places, events that you haven’t even heard of before. Listen to her, let her tell you her life’s story, give her the gift of attention and time.

5. Do some gardening together

Visit the local nursery or flower shop and have her pick out some new flowers or vegetables for her garden, then help her plant those when you get back. Pitch in with weeding or watering while you’re at it—she’ll appreciate the gesture.

What are some things you miss doing with loved ones?

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