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THE single most versatile home decor piece you can get for FREE

A beautiful branch is THE single most versatile decor piece in your home, if you are looking for something interchangeable throughout the seasons.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the ideas

1. Pop it in a vase, add hangings

Egg shapes for Easter, little green tree shapes or actual tiny baubles for Christmas, or twinkle lights for the dark late autumn evenings will brighten any table. You can use this as centrepiece on the dining table, or as a feature on the side cupboard. Add origami birds or popcorn chains for in-between season decor. For now, you can mix and match white decorations in different shapes and hang from bare branches on show in a vase filled with clear baubles.

2. Hang on the wall, add salt dough ornaments

Again, as seasonal as you want it – for summer, get together with the kids and paint them bright and colourful, and for winter, leave it white or spray that canned snow all over these! Add sparkle in the form of glitter, make a paper chain garland to twirl around it, use a single colour to up the style ante.

3. Turn it into an advent calendar

We have a post planned for the 1st of December for a simple, quick advent calendar DIY and you guessed it, that includes adding tiny bags of presents, surprises and even to-dos – as in ‘go watch your favourite Christmas movie, not any kind of chores to do! – to twigs and branches. December’s home decor, other than your Christmas tree – if you celebrate Christmas – could be as simple as a branch. Sometimes the most simple and easy idea brings the best results.

Design Mom’s reusable advent calendar offers family fun for many years to come – sustainable and lazy, the perfect combination!

4. Branch underwater

In our case, this was curry and rosemary, as this is what we could find in our garden, but you can try this DIY with just about anything!
You’ll need:

  • clear glass bottles – the more versatile they are in shapes and sizes, the better
  • twigs – as mentioned we tried rosemary and curry, but eucalyptus would look amazing, too!
  • water
  • some candles – long ones, that fit the mouth of the bottles

Fill the bottles with your greens first, pour water in it and top them off with your candles. That’s it, you’re done – so incredibly stunning yet so simple!

So, how to get that signature, minimal yet inviting Scandinavian look in your home this winter?

  1. use neutral tones and colours
  2. use fresh greenery
  3. light tone wood (birch is great!)
  4. minimalist or geometric designs
  5. natural materials (linen, raw silk, wool, solid wood, etc)
  6. use candles, string lights, soft lighting
  7. handmade feel
  8. simplicity is key always!
  9. black and white is always effective!

What’s your home’s style? Are you more of a minimalist mind or do you prefer rich, busy patterns?

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