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How to choose tableware – a guide

Buying new tableware, especially if that is a whole new dinnerware set is no small task. When it comes to choosing new tableware for your home, you will want to consider a few things that will guide you to go with the best option for your lifestyle, home and personality.

At City to Cottage, we are very proud of our hand-painted and handmade ceramics, and our dinnerware range. We thought about how we use them when we entertain, or just while living our day-to-day life and we found that we would really like to have the opportunity of replacing just one plate at a time, without having to buy a whole new set. Or sometimes it’s nice to look at a bit of a colourful mix, so the mix-and-match feature is also something we would love to explore.

With that in mind, here’s a short summary in what to consider when investing in a new tableware set.

1. Occasion

Will you be using it only on special occasions, like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries? How and where will you be storing your dinnerware when not in use? Do you have enough cupboard space, or can you maybe place them in a display cabinet?

Will you need a new set for everyday use, like family meals, weekday lunches and leisurely brunches? Or you may be thinking of gifting one of City to Cottage’s dinnerware sets as an anniversary present, a wedding present, a Christening gift?

2. Style & Colours

Now that we’ve established the occasion, we can discuss style and colours. Our polka dot design fits perfectly with lots of colour schemes, as the white dots are elegant features that can pull a theme seamlessly together. Do you have a monochromatic kitchen? Go for our White & Black or Black & White range.

Do you have more of a traditional looking dining room? Go for our Purple & White set for a royal touch.

Do you want to add a touch of cottage vibe to your home? Our classic and vibrant Red & White range is your best bet.

Do you live near the sea, are you looking for a more beach hut vibe? The Navy Stripe collection, and our Sky & White or Teal Blue & White ranges will be a great choice. More into natural, earthy decor, and the shabby chic vibes? Your best option is our Lavender range.

Also decide if you want all-matching items or mix and match? As we mentioned, City to Cottage plates and bowls can be purchased individually – either to make a set whole again in case of a broken or damaged piece, or to go for the mixed, well-paired look.

You can also purchase our plates individually if you feel like a commitment to a 12 piece set is just too much – start with a set for two and build your collection from there.

12 pieces aren’t enough? Our 12 piece set is designed for 4 persons, so if you have a family of 6, you have the option to purchase a whole set, and add extra plates for 2 more people by selecting them individually.

We also discussed storing earthenware in display cabinets, and if that’s your choice of display, do consider the colours again: will the tableware be in harmony with your furniture or fabrics in your home?

3. Features

City to Cottage ceramics are safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave. They are also stackable and multi-functional. These items also designed to withstand everyday life so think about whether these are the features you need for your tableware.

4. Material

Ceramic glazed earthenware – Ceramic glaze is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing. As opposed to stoneware, our earthenware pieces are porous and coarse, which then gets glazed and fired a second time.

We use clay close to our factory to ensure our processes are sustainable and that these won’t leave a huge environmental impact. We also use solar powered panels to heat our kilns, making the creation process eco-friendly.

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