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30 things to do before Christmas

With only 33 days left before Christmas, it is time that we start planning, decorating, making shopping lists and plans – planning the whole festive season to ensure that you make the most of it.

The weather in London was absolutely horrible today, so I took some paper and a pen and wrote a list of things I would like to do before the festive season ends.

With that said, I also created a freebie for you to download, you can hang this on your fridge or even frame it and put it up in your hallway or kitchen and start ticking a few items off your list. I found that with the mixture of all sorts of different things, I will easily get in the mood, just in time before Christmas.

I will list each point on Facebook to help you follow up on your progress. A little goes a long way so there will be days when I list a few things I am grateful for or I will do a random act of kindness. There will be DIY days, with paper snowflakes and paper chains you can create on a shoestring budget. This year will be a rather minimalist Christmas for me as I am trying to reduce clutter in my life right now so home decoration to me means clean, easy, sustainable design this year.

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