Spot on Christmas present ideas – for the Stationery Addict, the Home Decor Obsessed and the Ladyboss

The sooner the better when it comes to Christmas shopping – at least in my opinion. Every year I make a list – and check it twice ho-ho-hooo- to ensure I include everybody in my family and I spend the first Sunday of November with brainstorming & research. Call me over-organised, but this method has worked for me for many many years. I also pick a theme and try to group my gifts around it and this year (yes you guessed right) it is SPOTS & POLKA DOT!

So let’s have a look at the results of me going online and trying to find the best polka dot gifts and spot on – pun intended- presents.

For the Stationery Addict

I myself have always been addicted to pretty notepads. I was never the diary or journal writing type however, I loved collecting notebooks. The idea of brainstorming and noting down thoughts always attracted me. What attracted, and still attracts me even more is pretty wrapping paper though. It doesn’t really matter what the present is that you will gift me, as long as it’s wrapped up nicely in a beautiful wrapping paper, you don’t need to worry, I will love it.

Needless to say,  now that I am an adult, I still don’t use diaries or notebooks as often as others – even though I wish I did. There are so many beautiful and affordable options out there that it feels difficult to me just to pick one design and stick with it for the whole year.



For the Home Decor Obsessed

Every year there seems to be a few people in my life who share my obsession for home decor. I know for sure if I stick within the tea towels- mugs – pillow covers triangle, I can not possibly go wrong. The homes of these wonderful women speak of impeccable style but I am more than happy to help them maintain a well curated, but not spotless home with my gift ideas 😉



For the Ladyboss

We all have some remarkable women in our lives we will be forever grateful for. Christmas is the best time to express our gratitude and surprise them with something they will always cherish. These ladies are strong, powerful and they have fantastic careers, but they are always the ones you can count on as well.

Woke up this morning, spilled coffee on your skirt, missed your usual train and got in late for work? Call your Ladyboss friend to meet in the evening for drinks and she will tell you that she’s been up since 5.00am this morning, went to Pilates, made breakfast, read the news, went into a 10.00am meeting that lasted five hours and still managed to pick up her shoes she dropped this morning to get them reheeled. You will never know how she does it, but the fact that you are so different is worth celebrating. Here is our 5 favourite gift ideas for the strong women in your life.




Do you have any traditions, plans or a whole plan-of-attack when it comes to Christmas shopping? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

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