Safe & fun ideas for Halloween 2020

No doubt that Halloween 2020 is going to be a little bit different to any of the recent years, but you do not have to skip the festivities – especially if getting all costumed up and being spooky is your thing. So we decided to gather a few ideas you can either do from the comfort and safety of your own home, and still get to enjoy the orange-brown, bloody holiday.

1. Candy at each bedroom – trick or treating inside the house

Going outside, rubbing shoulders, knocking on other people’s door to the be handed over some candy may be out of the question, but listen: candy is definitely considered essential for Halloween, and you can map out the rooms of your house instead of visiting friends in the neighbourhood. Have candies on display in each room, and prepare fun games and tasks for them to complete at each station. If you want to be extra creative, connect this with some chores: washing dishes in

2. Candy chute with PVC tubing – the kids can keep their distance and still get candy

If you would prefer to still go to your friends, you can build a fun and cheap candy chute, either out of PVC or just paper mache maybe, to get the goods delivered to kids in a fun but safe way.

3. Scavenger hunt with a flashlight- like egg hunt in the yard but Halloween themed

Just like Easter this year, you can arrange a flashlight scavenger hunt in the garden, or in the close proximity of the house. Nothing spookier than strategically placed fake nets, rubber spiders, glow-in-the-dark decor and halloween candy all around the garden.

4. Zoom face paint competition

Well this one speaks for itself, but you can always spice it up – kids get to prepare their own face paint in front of the camera, or they can even instruct each other in pairs to prepare funny looks. Guaranteed enjoyment, but make sure you literally cover every single surface around the computer, and that they don’t mix paint with candies whilst enjoying the game!

5. Halloween bingo on Zoom

Pinterest has lots of printables you can prepare in advance, then get the friends together in front of the computer and let the fun and games begin! You can also make an adult version of this of course with halloween cocktails, finger sandwiches and snacks – a fun idea for the whole family before, and way past bedtime too!

6. Make Ghost figures

If you have crafty fingers, or the kids do, you can give a try to these fun-looking yet spooky creatures. Miriam is one of the old-school bloggers we love so much – beautiful aesthetic, great recommendations and regular blog posts. Her kid-friendly ghosts are pastel so you can give this DIY a go even if your decor’s a bit more pastel-y, minimalist.

Have you made plans for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments!

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