City to Cottage Christmas gift guide 2020

Today on the blog: the big Christmas gift guide! That’s right, this year you might ACTUALLY want to plan things a bit more in advance. Whether that’s ordering your gift online, in time, so they definitely make their way to you or just by starting to think about it in the first place, we picked a few independent businesses and their handmade products we just LOVE!

Olive and Betty

Gorgeous napkins for colourful homes

Jenny created her relatively new little brand whilst in lockdown. She names the business after her Granny and Nana, Olive and Betty, which is a beautiful homage to her roots. Her creations include beautiful, colourful textile napkins – for now, we are sure to see a lot more from her. These handmade napkins elevate the simplest of crockery, but compliment the most colourful and vibrant dinnerware, too.

Our favourite: the ‘Neutral’ napkins, because they compliment our Purple & White range so perfectly.

Bakes by Olivia

Postal bakes delivering throughout the UK

Olivia makes sure you’ve got blondies and brownies coming through your door on the reg. She is a 27-year-old wedding and occasion cake baker based in East London. She is creating bespoke wedding and occasion cakes, each individually styled, but what we’re most excited about, is the concept of delicious postal bakes. A box of 8 white chocolate blondies cost £17, and lasts up to 10 days. These are the perfect presents to anyone with a sweet tooth, and you can send them to anyone without actually having to leave your house.

Our favourite: the Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Blondies

SOUL Therapies London

Hand-poured, artisan candles

SOUL Therapies London offers delicious, individually hand-poured, scented candles with fall scents like Pumpkin & Pecan Pie, Black orchid and classic scents such as Pear & Fresia, or Black Cherry. They work with carefully selected products that are high quality, ethical and eco-friendly. What’s a better present, then the calmness, relaxation, cosy-ness and true hygge you can gift to a person, through the post? Order one now, get it delivered to your loved ones’ home and let them enjoy the gift of a literal soul therapy via the simple act of lighting a candle.

Our favourite: Peony & Blush Suede

Please note: Due to COVID-19 they have currently suspended delivery outside of the UK.

Marah Cotta Clay

New mama and a fierce clay artist

Polymer clay is so multi-faceted and versatile, and with it being in the same family to the clay we use at City to Cottage, we’re still constantly amazed by the way makers use it to display their technique, ideas, creativity and vision. Marah, of them all, is the maker behind Marah Cotta Clay, who’s recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl and is balancing motherhood and business with such elegance and hard work.

Our favourite: the ZARA earring is giving us all the feels
Currently out of stock, but you can sign up to updates on new releases to be notified of new launches.

Hopscotch London

All-natural skincare, stocking fillers, jewellery or stationery

You will find all of the above at Hopscotch London. A look at their minimal, inviting Etsy shop will make you want to put together a gift basket for your mom and have it delivered to her ASAP! Their recent collaboration with Tan France looks so beautiful, and inviting so you can give the gift of something well made, and well considered this Christmas.

Our favourite: Clementine + Clove Natural Room Spray & Pillow Spray

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